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1 December 2011

Mission accomplished!!

This is my first time blogging and I'm writing about my trip to Taiwan. Um...Taipei to be exact. I'm blogging because this is my first time planning a trip and also hope that this blog could help you.

My mum just made a random decision to go to Taiwan, two days before take off. That gave me less than 48hours to plan an 8 day tour. Thus many last minute decision were made along the way. 2days, crazy!! All in all it was a fantastic trip, most parts went smoothly and we managed to make it back home safely.

Having said that, Taiwan is a very convenient place to travel. Most tourist spots are just a few blocks away from the metro station.
People there are very friendly and polite. Public transport there are very efficient as well. There is no need for a map. All you need is to speak Chinese and a good pair of walking shoes (a lot of walking!!).

The only two down sides that I find in Taiwan is the huge tourist crowd at some places and the food (maybe it's just me *shrugged* too much pork, beef, takeaways, fast food, fried food). Apart from this two factors, it's a big THUMBS UP for Taiwan!! :D

Here's the itinerary of our trip. Not the best schedule, but given two days to prep, I'm proud of myself. I'll post a summary of our awesome trip.

Day 1 - Taoyuan 桃园
1) Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport - applied for Youth Travel Card (not much of a use though, Student ID is more important)
2) Check-in at Hua Yue Hotel 花语酒店

Day 2 - Taipei 台北
1) Check-in at Westin Hotel
2) The Lin Family Mansion and Garden 林家花园
3) Long Shan Temple 龙山寺
4) Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall 国父纪念馆
5) Taipei 101
6) Liao Ning Night Market 辽宁街

Day 3
1) Yangming Shan 阳明山
2) Shilin Official Residence 士林官邸
3) Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

Day 4
1) Check-in at Regent Hotel 晶华酒店
2) Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall 中正纪念堂
3) Bitou Cape 鼻头角, Nanya Rock Formations 南雅奇石, Jinguashih 金瓜石
4) Jiufen 九份
5) SYS Memorial Hall
6) Taipei 101

Day 5
1) Yehliu 野柳
2) Tamsui 淡水

Day 6
1) National Palace Museum 故宫
2) Check-in at Lio Hotel
3) Wufen Pu 五分埔
4) Xi Men Ding 西门町

Day 7 - Hualien
1) Taroko Gorge 太鲁阁国家公园
2) Chisingtan 七星滩

Day 8 - Adios Taiwan Amigos
1) Back to Penang

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