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23 January 2014

Genting Cafe – Chee Cheong Fun, Laksa, ToFu Hua

Chee Cheong Fun (Small RM2.20, Large RM3.30)

Arguably the most famous Chee Cheong Fun in the island, and my personal favourite. Even locals from other states would buy up to 10 packets of Chee Cheong Fun and ferry them back to their hometown.  What separates this stall from the rest is their mix of the ‘hae ko’ (dark prawn paste) with peanut butter. How can you not love it!



“Chee Cheong” means pig intestine in Mandarin. Before you jump out of your seat, I must stress that this dish is solely made of just rice flour  that is steamed and rolled up to about 10 cm long, resembling the intestine of a pig.  The rolls are then hand-sliced and served with a mixture of shrimp-peanut (hae ko) paste, chilli paste, a sweet reddish sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

The rice flour rolls have a smooth and springy texture. The shrimp paste has a distinct peanut taste and a tinge of fishy flavour without leaving any lingering fishy smell in your mouth.

Asam Laksa


Another personal favourite of mine. The thick rice vermicelli is served with a thick flavoursome fish broth, poached boned mackerels, lemongrass, chillies and assam (tamrind), topped with finely sliced bunga kantan (ginger flower bud), onions, cucumber, lettuce, mint leaves then finally drizzled with ‘Hae Ko’ (prawn paste).  What separates Penang Laksa from the others is the addition of assam, giving the dish a sourly punch and the highly sought after prawn paste.

ToFu Hua


Also known as Douhua or Doufu Fa or Sweet Tofu Pudding. Not exactly found in Genting Cafe itself but rather the shop next door which also serves soya milk and leong fan (grass jelly drink). To avoid the massive crowd in Genting Cafe, I usually sit at the shop next door where there’s less people and I could enjoy my ToFu Hua and Chee Cheong Fan peacefully. Most stalls from Genting Cafe (except for Chee Cheong Fun) are willing to bring over their dishes to the Soya Bean shop. ToFu Hua is a dessert version of savoury tofu topped with brown/ white sugar. Not as soft and silky as the ones in Ipoh but by far the best in Penang.

Address: Genting Cafe (云顶餐室). 2 Lorong Delima 6 (at Lrg Delima 3), 11700 Gelugor Penang

Business Hours: 7am – 5pm

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