• Kelan River Taroko National Park
  • Plyons Princess Pier
  • Little Penguins St Kilda Pier
  • Panaroma Yarra Valley
  • Chandon Yarra Valley
  • Bidding Goodbye Koh Lipe
  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Taipei
  • Pebbles QiXingTan Beach
  • Candle Rocks Yehliu Geopark
  • Nanya Rock Formations Taipei
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About Me and Blogging
Meng Hui Yap a Malaysian currently studying in Melbourne always on the hunt for local attractions and good food. This site began after my trip to Taiwan in 2012. Planning for this trip, blogs have been my favourite source of information because they are insightful, honest and filled with helpful travel tips. 

Growing up, my family and I did traveling the rough way from budget flights to backpacker's inn, streets eats, hiking, long haul bumpy rides, native villages and many more. Though not the most luxuries site, but I always find myself eagerly jotting down notes of those wonderful experiences on my "travel pad". Then I thought what better way to pour all my post-adventure excitement into this blogging platform and share them with my friends and family. As a Penangite (Malaysian), I was always on the lookout for good food. So amidst my writings on my outdoor adventures I'll slip in a few thoughts on food and drinks along the way.

Why Roaming Potato?

Initially this blog was named yappymh and Moment Frost...boring!! I wanted a name that was catchy, memorable, easy to spell, hilarious, universal, concrete yet abstract, but most importantly describes who I am and where I come from. Hence the name "potato" clicked. Coming from Penang, my favorite dish of all time is Pasembur (sry I don't have a picture for now as I am still in Melbourne). It is a salad consisting of shredded cucumber, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, fritters topped with my favourite sweet potato sauce. Plus, potatoes has always been a staple food in many countries. I feel like a potato when I'm the most relaxed and carefree. Everyone has a potato in them so yes, Roaming Potato it is!!

Where have I been and What can I offer?

So far, I’ve been to China, ThailandTaiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. As a student, it is financially and realistically impossible for me to travel around the world. Spending my whole childhood in Penang (Malaysia) and two years in Melbourne, it is fair to say I know the place where I stand inside and out. Hence what I can offer is my take on a travel tips from a local’s perspective and where to find good food from the most obscure places in town.
Thank you for reading!

- Meng Hui Yap