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8 December 2011

Yangmingshan National Park

Had brunch next to a food truck stationed along one of the back allies near the metro station.

The one and only food stall open ed during that time of day (it was half pass nine)

It was freaking hard finding a shop to eat. According to that friendly guy above, most noodles shops open only during lunch time. For breakfast, 'Taipeinese' will grab a burger and a cup of coffee, then off to work. So, if you're hoping to eat some local food, as a Chinese saying goes, sleep til the sun shines on your butt (睡到太阳晒屁股才醒).

*Jaw drop*...so many ingredients


*Burp* This bowl of noodle should be able to sustain us for the day. Sadly, I was wrong :(((( Tell you about it later.

Okay, time to head of to my number one MUST SEE scenic site in Taipei - Yanmingshan National Park 阳明山国家公园. To get there, alight at Shilin Station (Tamsui Line), take the Red 5 bus to the terminal station. Bus leaves for the park every 15 minutes. We took the 108 bus around the park. Bus fare is NTD15 each time you hop onto the bus. The bus will arrive every 30 minutes at each stop, so plan your time wisely.

Walk out of the metro station, head further down, turn left and look for this sign board

Yangmingshan Main Bus Terminal

Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑)
Our first stop!! Unfortunately it's winter time, so there is not much of a point in visiting the Yangming Park, where cherry blossoms bloom during spring. Let's get started with sulfur spring then.

Weather report

This way please.....

Wah...Misty misty steam vents and fumaroles

Oooo...that sulfur odour gave me a sense of deja vu - the Chemistry lab. I'm back in school. No way!!

Boiling water...save gas

Wah...make a 180 degrees turn from the fumaroles and you'll see this...just lovely!!

Qingtiangang (擎天崗)
Alas, I was a little moody from the start. Moody is a no.1 travel DON'T but let me explain myself. 1) Had I known Yangmingshan is such an amazing hiking spot, I would have brought my hiking shoes and proper attire. 2) I had not packed lunch, felt nauseous towards mid noon. 3) Missed the first bus 108. According to my research I should take bus 109, then it turned out that bus 109 only operates during the holidays. 4) For the first time in Taipei, brochures were no where to be seen. The best guide I had was some untidy scribbled notes in my hands. 5)  Overshot a popular tourist attraction - Lin Yutang House's (林語堂)

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, the breathtaking sight of Qingtiangang accompanied by the cool breeze made me believe that the world is a better place. Ok..I'm exaggerating.

Panoramic view of the undulating grassland

Little anonymous cottage

The Temple of the God of Earth

During the Ching Dynasty people who travelled the trail on business stopped here to rest. It is during this same period that the God of Earth was moved from the tea fields to the hillside of Mt. Jhuzih.

Yay!! A short track

Jinbaoli Trail Gate..here I come

See the lady there, she's a real farmer...wild guess... heading home...no joke

"At the beginning of the Japanese occupation, Jen-da-shih, took over Lingtou (now named Qingtiangang) as a base against the Japanese government. He gathered neighbours and camped there. By using stone and wood, they built a fort, with the gate at the entrance of the Jinbaoli Trail."
(quoted from sign board beside the gate)

Sorry Mr. Farmer, I'm no papa..papa...paparazzi

After walking out of the 400m trail, we decided to have a quick stroll. Snap another few brilliant shots and guess who I've attracted. Promise you, the followings are caught on camera. Not my intention at all. Hehe...Pay attention to the red circle O.O
To the right...

Oh..oh!! To the left...
Tadaa!! Centre of attention. Aw...how adorable

Cattle graze on the open grassland surrounded by mountain peaks
Heading back to catch the bus
One last shot pwetty please

It was already half pass three by the time we left Yangmingshan National Park. Boarded bus 260 (260 or Red 5 it doesn't matter). I hadn't binged down a single grain of rice since 9 am. No wonder I felt nauseous. It was approximately a 40 minutes ride downhill. The bus was fully packed like wild mashed potatoes, squashed against each other. I was literally hanging myself onto the handrail, the way monkeys do on trees.
We need food!! Thus alighted at the nearest bus stop - Shilin Residence and scrambled for food. It was a really long walk. 4pm and no stalls were open. Typical of Taipei.

At last!! Porridge + anchovies (NTD 60)

I called for this dish because I wanted porridge (to sooth the minor gastric) and fish fillet. Couldn't find fish fillet in the menu, so I went with the only dish with the word '鱼' (fish). This is so embarrassing, I did not realise anchovies were ikan bilis until I was half way through the porridge. Interesting, fresh anchovies, that's a first. In Malaysia, they are all dried up, fried, brown and crispy. 

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