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13 December 2011

Yehliu, Tamsui

After breakfast, we kicked start day 5 with a bus ride to Yehliu Geopark. This no.2 MUST SEE scenic spot in Taipei is well-knowned for it's unique coastal features.

To get there: Board the express bus (bound for Jinshan Youth Activity Center) of Kuo-Kuang Co. at the West Station A of Taipei Main Station. Then alight at Yehliu stop. The bus comes every 20 minutes. We used EasyCard so I have no idea how much the bus fare cost. It's about an hour and 15 minutes ride from Taipei Main Station to Yehliu.
Enough time for a quick nap.

Search for this landmark once you reach the bus stop. You'll have to walk for some 15 minutes before you see Yehliu Geopark.

Fisherman and his boat...aw

Doesn't the sea look like a huge swimming pool? On actual fact, it's a rather smelly harbour. Hehe.

We've got tickets!!!

Cute Princess

Ginger Rocks

Candle Rocks

The distinctive profile of the "Queens Head". Sadly the diameter of her neck is getting thinner every year due to weathering. :'((((((((

Cuesta (Monocline)

They call it the "Fairy's Shoe"...it looked more like a clog to me....Bwahaha

Obviously...it's a dragon head

Whoa...Go..Gor...Gorilla!! This was a tricky one to find

After completing section 1 and 2 of the geopark. We decided to move on to section 3. Not many people go there. It's the only place in Yehliu where you could escape from the annoying crowd. All that walking, I wanted so badly as to sit down.

Panoramic view of section 3..breathtaking. Nice place to sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the sea, amid the ambient sound of splashing waves. Ah...

When hippo meets croco...

Honeycomb rock

Last but not least. Transformers!!!

Time passes ever so quickly when one indulges oneself amidst the beauty of nature. I know, I'm crapping. After spending approximately 4 hours there, we adjourned to Tamsui, another small town.

To get there: Walk back to the bus stop and board the Keelung Bus to Tamshui. The bus comes every half an hour.

I reckon we just missed the previous bus, had to wait for half an hour before we boarded the bus. This bus reminds me of penang's Rapid buses - halting at various bus stops, the speed of a snail, always affected by the heavy traffic. After more than 2 hours of the bumpy ride, we reached the Tamsui Metro Station and alighted there.

It was already 6 something when we reached Tamsui. Jeez, we missed the sunset!! We were supposed to view the sunset at Fisherman Wharf 漁人碼頭 . Dang!! Oh well, let us stroll along the Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街. The place where you get to sample Tamsui's local specialities.

Tamsui Old Street
Why do they have to roast everything??

"Iron eggs" (eggs which have been stewed in a mix of herbs and spices)

Ice cream wrapped in spring roll..Taiwanese style

Freaking long, waiting at the dock of Tamsui Ferry Pier. Don't worry, you'll get use with the rocking. Departed from the pier to Fisherman's Wharf at 8pm.

The "Lover's Bridge", popular spot for couples

Building beside the bridge

There are a few chic coffee shops and food windows nearby with prices that the average local would consider outrageous. 
 Okay, that's all for Tamsui. Time to head back for a good night's sleep.

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