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4 December 2013

Koh Lipe Continued (What, When, Where, How)

This post should have been up a year ago, initially I thought, well...just forget about it. Why even bother writing about a trip after one year? I've written an earlier draft on this and since everything is still fresh in my mind, I would kick myself if this post remains a mere draft. Secondly, Koh Lipeh is one of those gems that often goes unnoticed by the average tourist it would be silly of me not to share it with you guys. 

When to Visit: 
Though it is now possible to visit Koh Lipe all year round, it is best to go there between November and middle of May. Why? Because during mid-May til November (monsoon season), some places are closed and the only way to get to Koh Lipe is by speedboat from Pak Bara which only operates at 11:30am. 

Getting there:
There are two ways to get to Koh Lipe. 1) Take a plane to Langkawi then board a speedboat to Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe. 2) Take the ferry or speedboat from Pak Bara, Langkawi, Phi Phi, Ko Lanta or Trang. For my case, we drove from the south (Penang) to Pakbara via Wang Kelian.

On the way to Wang Kerian, we stopped by Changlung area to purchase the Thailand Car Insurance, which cost 17MYR. Oh...very IMPORTANT!! Don't get trick into paying the Thai immigration card, as they'll collect 1MYR per person, which is terribly unnecessary. You can fill in those cards once you reach the Wang Kerian Immigration.

Don't forget to admire the vast rice paddy field, palm oil, sugar cane and rubber estates as you pass by Kedah, the 'rice bowl' of Malaysia. Time to stop the car and snap a few shots.

It's amazing that Malaysia has such an amazing scenic view

Alert!! Alert!! Ding..ding..ding...remember to top up your petrol tank to full when you reach Padang Besar area just before you proceed to Wang Kerian. It is unwise to continue your journey with an empty tank. 

There!! Entrance to Wang Kelian Immigration. The border between Malaysia and Thailand.

Now you can fill in the immigration form. They'll collect 2MYR per person though notice boards were no where to be seen. *shrug*  Argh...what a corrupted world!! *sigh* Also remember to apply your Car Custom Declaration at the custom located just beside the immigration. Don't loss it!!! It'll be collected upon your return.

 Finally, we're a few steps away from Thailand

There's a bazaar at the border. Could just walk over to grab some titbits and snacks

Where to Eat:

Most of the restaurants served great authentic Thai food, featuring mouthwatering barbecued seafood. However, having tried most of them, my top two picks were RakLay and Khon Lay. Every dish in there was just amazing. 

Couldn't recall the name of this dish...but this deep fried battered vege was YUM!!

Sticky rice with mangoes...everyone immediately dived into the dish before I could snap a decent shot

As a Malaysian, I know my curry and that green curry was to die for. Coupled with a refreshing and delicious papaya salad was just icing on the cake - RakLay Restaurant

Pat Thai (top), Thai Fritters Cake (Bottom) - Khon Lay

What to Do: 
- Island hopping to Koh Yang, Koh Adang, Koh Hin Ngam, Jabang. There is nothing more exciting and nerve wrecking than riding the rough seas on a long-tail boat while the waves just came splashing in.  

- Snorkel and scuba dive with great marine life to behold. All the required gears are available for rent. The current can be challenging during a windy day. 

- Explore the island bare footed. The thing I loved most about the island is the absence of tar roads and cars.

- Also, entertaining - nightlife. There are plenty of bars along the stretch of white  sand or you can just laze by the shore as you immerse yourself with the surroundings and let all your worries and pressure slip away. 

Sunset Beach 

Sunrise Beach -  A good place for snorkeling but not swimming as corals and rocks start right at shore

View of Koh Yang from our boat

The cursed stones of Koh Hingham must stay on the island or you risk the wrath of  the God of Tarutao

Inner parts of the island

Last view of Koh Lipeh while bidding goodbye

Travel Tips:
- There are no EFTOPs/ATMs on the island, you're credit card is almost useless so bring cash.

- Popularity of Koh Lipe is growing. Hence reserve your accommodation ahead especially during peak season (November to January) would be a wise choice. 

- Bring along mosquito repellents/ patches and sunscreen

For the full itinerary on Koh Lipe my post on Sawadee, sawadee...ka..kap..krap!!

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