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25 January 2014

Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop

When I was told that “Sugar King of Asia” - Robert Kuok paid a visit to this century-old Kopitiam for their coffee, I had to have a cup myself. Even “Mr Honda” – Loh Boon Siew (the first sole Honda distributor in Malaysia) was a daily visitor, I repeat, daily visitor. I always thought that the best coffees are in Ipoh (Ipoh White Coffee), but after the first sip here, I come to realise that the best coffee EVER was just right outside my doorstep. Since then, this place has become my favourite breakfast spot. This humble-100 years old shop have been run by three generations and now passed on to Gary Tan via his grandfather and father.

Kopi ‘O’ (Hot RM1.10, Cold RM1.30), Kopi Susu (Hot $1.30, Cold $1.50), *Take Away* (Hot/Cold add RM0.10)




In Penang, Kopi ‘O’ means coffee without condensed milk. Conversely, Kopi Susu refers to coffee with condensed milk. The coffee is rather thick and packed with strong flavours, totally to my palate’s liking.


Local residents would pop in to have a casual chat or enjoying their regular coffee fix while reading the newspapers. This is their Starbucks

Roti Kaya (RM0.70 each), Roti Kahwin (RM0.90 each)

A good, strong cup of local coffee is only complete with a serving of Roti Kaya/ Kaya toast (homemade egg custard with coconut milk). You can also order their Roti Kahwin i.e. two slices of white Hainan bread, one spread with kaya and the other with butter “married together”. Each bite into the toast produces a crisping sound. However I would prefer a more generous serving of the kaya.



Address: 6 Hutton Lane, Penang

Opening hours: 7.30am-5pm (3pm on Saturdays and public holidays); closed on Sundays

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