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20 January 2014

More More Thai

Sitting on the circular table in More More Thai with my family, I couldn’t help but realised that the last time I had a meal with them was more than a year ago. It’s a surreal feeling knowing that as we grow up and pursue our individual career goals abroad, the chances of having a proper meal with family gradually diminishes and each meal is more precious than before. How I wish I could have Hermoine Granger’s time-turner.

There are plenty of Thai restaurants around Penang. Not exactly authentic, but more inclined towards Chinese and Thai fusion. Just the way Penangites like it. One of my family’s favourite Thai restaurant in town and a first for me – More More Thai. Reservation is advisable as the place can be pretty crowded especially during the weekends.

More More Thai


Lemon Grass - RM2 (RM15 per Jug)

More More Thai


Cha Om Kerabu - Small RM10, Medium RM15, Large RM20

More More Thai

Cha Om, is a well-loved herby vegetable among Thais. Hands down my favourite Thai dish. Deep fried Cha Om balanced off with pickled onion slices, carrot strips, and red chilli padi; sprinkled with peanuts. The sweet and sour flavours of this dish combined with the crunchiness from the peanuts and crispy Cha Om = refreshing perfection on a plate.

Stir Fried Petal, Winged Beans (Kacang Botol), Asparagus with Sambal (Spicy Srimp Paste) – Small RM10, Medium RM15, Large RM20

More More Thai


Thai Fishcakes

More More Thai

These tiny golden brown-glories had a good spongy texture and was served with a small bowl of sweet chilli sauce and chopped pineapples.

Green Curry Chicken (Small RM12, Medium RM15, Large RM20)

More More Thai

This dish had a richly flavoured curry sauce with slices of tender chicken breast, long beans, finely chopped red chillies and Thai basil leaves. I loved that they added a nice amount of coconut milk to bring out the flavour, add a little bit of pastiness and also dampen the spiciness of the curry allowing me to sprinkle a whole ladle of sauce onto my rice.

Steamed Lemon Fish (Market Price)

More More Thai

One of my family’s favourite dish of the restaurant. As I quickly scanned the restaurant, almost every table ordered this dish. The fish was rested on a metal plate served in a generous amount of (heat) hot soup. At this moment, the amount of capsaicin I consumed had completely destroyed my taste buds. I wasn’t sure whether my threshold for spiciness was low that particular day or I had accidentally eaten a chilli padi (bird’s eye chilli – its spiciness is classified at the lower end of the range for the hotter habanero chilli). Hence, unfortunately, I could barely taste a single thing out of this dish, thus, no comments.

Thai Styled Tofu (Small RM10, Medium RM12, Large RM20)

More More Thai

Having said that my taste buds were completely unavailable for the Lemon Fish, ironically I managed to enjoy the Thai Styled Tofu. Deep fried Japanese Tofu served with slices of onions, sweet and sour sauce, topped with deep friend baby shrimps. I kept going back for more.


More More Thai Restaurant

Address: 80-S Terengganu Road, 10460 George Town, Penang

Contact: 012 590 0503

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