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29 December 2011

Last day in Taiwan

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in ma bed
Don't feel like packing up my bags, so let me stay for one more day
'Cause today I swear I'm not going anywhere
Time to pack my bags!! Sobx ~ ~ ~

Had to give it a shot on the High Speed Rail. Tickets can be purchased at Taipei Metro Station. Plus you could grab a quick breakfast at Taipei Underground Mall. Convenient isn't it? :D

 Taipei to Taoyuan in 19 minutes!! NTD160 per seat
Interior of the high speed rail...neat
After alighting at THSR station, we checked-in our luggage at China Airlines counter and boarded a shuttle bus to the Taoyuan International Airport.

Tickets for the shuttle bus...couldn't find the free shuttle bus *shrug* no choice but to pay NTD30 per person

It took approximately 40 minutes to reach the airport (currently under renovation) with a few pullover along the way to drop passengers. Our boarding time was 11:20am, but bcoz of our so called 'kia su kia si' (Hokkien) attitude, we reached the airport two hours earlier. *sulky face*
Guess I need that two hours in bracing myself for reality. Nger!

Argh...I loathe goodbyes...Taiwan, I will miss you <3

Given more time, a visit to Martyrs Shrine, Maokong Gondola plus the few scenic spots which I've missed in Hualien and Yangmingshan..oooo...and a day of shopping spree (of course I have no income just yet, not in the best position to speak :p) would definitely have been the icing on the cake. But all in all, I ENJOYED just 'the cake' very very much. An absolute blast. Thanks mummy and papa!!!

Next, vacation, Koh Lipe Thailand..hehehehe...this time, with my 'Brady Bunch' *wink*

Guess this marks the end of our fun-tas-tic trip and also my final post underTaiwan.
Blogging for the first time is such an amazing experience, I'll definately continue even if no one's reading. Ouch!! Shiok sendiri. Hope this will make your planning much easier.

Bye for now!! xD

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