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29 December 2011

Qixingtan Beach Area

Panorama of the pristine beach facing the Pacific Ocean 

Before going to Qixingtan Beach, the van halted outside a jade shop. Another 'ritual' of tour packages. Unlike other scenic spot, we had to spend a compulsory 45 minutes at the shop. *Sigh*

Hualien's famous rose jade

Another jade...don't know the name of this one

In the end, everyone left the shop empty handed. Now we can officially head to Qixingtan beach 七星潭 situated at the north of Hualien.

Towards your right...it's a wonderful weather...not for swimming though, as the tides and currents are quite dangerous, the base of the sea just drops off steeply
Towards your left...4pm and we were greeted by a canvas of clouds and gloomy skies...not the best lighting for photo shooting *sigh*

The whole beach is flooded with such pebbles, felt tempted to smuggle some back home for garden decor...but of course imma nature loving person xp

That's all for our Taroko Gorge Half Day tour. Time to hop back onto the van and catch the earliest train back to Taipei.

It was 6:45pm when we reached Taipei, just in time for dinner. Having had 'night market food' for the past 7 days, it's time to enjoy some restaurant delicacies. Yay!!

Qing Ye restaurant as recommended by the hotel stuff. A mere 10 mintues walk from Regent Hotel and Zhongshan Metro Station
Peanuts as an appetiser, typical of Chinese dining

Stewed pork belly + Taiwanese fresh spring roll + stir fried Chinese veg

Lightly seasoned sweet potato porridge

That's not all, we had steamed minced pork and stir fried fish fillet with mixed vegetables. No pictures, coz I was too occupied savouring the dishes. *Burp* I would totally recommend this restaurant as the prices are quite reasonable and each dish was delicious in its own way. Though ironically the place is mostly occupied by local tourist and Japanese.
Hands down, best meal in Taiwan. So glad I ended my escapade to Taiwan on a high note. Yippie ~ ~

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